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Visual Effects Fort Lauderdale


Visual effects are a major aspect of post-production.  We use high caliber visual effects to deliver customized, quality services for TV, online content, commercials, infomercials and more.  Using a powerful technical infrastructure, a solid team and production expertise, our talented creative teams deliver services including color management, editing, dailies, and VFX for deadline-driven projects requiring a personal touch of creativity, while remaining skilled enough to participate in an ever-evolving field.  Continuing with our creative efforts, our in-house technology experts ensure that our state-of-the-art team infrastructure and pipeline remain at the forefront of technical advancement to make sure your effects are ALWAYS the best in the biz.

As a leader in the field of Visual Effects Fort Lauderdale has become our mecca for high quality work.  Our team takes even the most imaginative ideas and visions to life with timely access to local support and an organized workflow tailored to meet production demands and optimized for amazing results.  We continue to push the envelope with innovative techniques, maximizing workflow for post and encore VFX.  Our file-based color grading techniques and editing services help facilitate creative control and are optimized up to 4K productions.  Whether collaborating remotely or in our office at Fort Lauderdale, our creatives strive to create an end result that perfectly aligns with each business owner’s vision.

Visual Effects Fort Lauderdale

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