Video Finishing

Video Finishing Fort Lauderdale


The aspect of Video Finishing Fort Lauderdale makes so intriguing is the entire workflow 12 Grove Production uses that differs from our competitors.  After rigorously editing the video content to high standards, we reconform it, using the original source media at its highest, pure quality.  Once our task has been completed, we send project data, in large, cloud or hard drive based files into the color correction department for final editing.  Upon completion, we render the result for high quality video content to be shared on online mediums.

Finishing is the last step before a video project can be considered complete.  This process includes checking for gaps, bad video transitions and other visual errors not seen by the naked eye.  These changes may also require color correction, broadcast legalization and a bit of finesse when it comes to the graphics.  Using applications like Premier and Creative Cloud Applications we complete the work flow through a series of edits including improving video renders and developing a final look the consumer will enjoy.

Video Finishing Fort Lauderdale

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