Video Production

Video Production

HD Video Production Ft Lauderdale

12 Grove Productions is a full service video production company with decades of experience with small and medium sized productions around the United States.  Our Team has the proper resources and a vast network of connections to realize our clients’ purpose and creative vision in the form of a professional video production.  When it comes to video production, many business owners have the misconception that it is expensive.  However, our productions come at a very reasonable price and unparalleled HD quality.  We produce our photo shoots for a plethora of business types including corporate, commercial, creative and entertainment.  Our specialties include video production, audio production, Studio/On Location Shoot and Camera Gear.  Check out Our Work.

Video Editing

We all know that every video editing project is much greater than just the sum of its parts, 12 Grove Productions offers high value for our clients and will always go all-out to provide the best service and value for high-quality video and media production services.  12 Grove Productions offer full service video editing and incredible graphic design. We are a one-stop full service studio and work in a broad range of video styles. We have specialized in every single part of video production from documentaries to training and legal video and video for non-profit organizations.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics can be the backbone of any production.  By combining both visual and auditory skills, we can evoke a strong emotion and create a solid connection between the beautiful content and your audience.  Our Motion Graphics experts allow your brand to present a single, solitary idea.  Our process, or key messaging, captivates your audience.  Whether your company is enhancing presentations with gorgeous animations, big-screen conference openers, or just a highly informative video, the 12 Grove Productions Team creates full-motion content that fully moves audiences.

Visual Effects

The 12 Grove Productions studio utilizes in-house 3D animators, matte painters, modelers, match moving artists, composition artists, designers, art directors and producers. Crater offers post production and visual effects services for clients in Fort Lauderdale and Nationwide. Our company’s talented and skillful staff is highly experienced working on large scale feature film projects. 12 Grove Productions offers the highest quality Visual Effects services to its clients.

Color Correction

Is there recent content or images that you would like to use, but the color of the image is in need of some work or editing? Let our team at 12 Grove Productions provide, improve and enhance your business images with our professional color correction and management skills. With our overall color enhancement features and equipment, you can get a clean and bright finish for all of your photographs.

Our 12 Grove Production team can assist you in improving specific elements in a video production apart from adjusting the color and brightness of the image. In addition, we can work on cast removal, color replacement or management as required, as well as completing video production post work . With our professional color video finishing services, we have the expertise to get your images ready for professional production in TV, Online and more.

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