Video Concept Development Fort Lauderdale

Video Production Concept Development


We’ve got ideas.  Lots of them.  From the concept inception to the final cut, we can help take a vague idea and make it POP with our video production team.  We provide help every step of the way.  In order to help you develop your ideas and create an amazing story we help every step of the way with custom concept development.

Script Writing

So, you have your next BIG idea, but you’re not sure how to implement it?  12 Grove Productions is here to help you realize your dreams with our detailed script writing services.  Professional Script Writing, whether for a movie or for business testimonials or anything else, can be a very challenging thing for a business owner.  Especially with the other thousand things on your plate. A script requires you to be accurate and perceptive with the way that you communicate, it needs to be not just realistic in the way that you communicate but effective in communicating and this is a difficult balance to walk when writing a script. Our experienced and skilled professionals can complete any kind of script that you need.

Storyboards / Pre-Visualization

There are millions of individuals that are more visual responders to stimuli.  At 12 Grove Productions, we understand the importance of visualizing your dream through pictures so we can all have a better understanding of the video ideals.  Once your concepts and ideas are confirmed, 12 Grove Productions like to give clients the best visual process of their production story before any filming or animations are created.


Depicting the individuals in your dream production can be a difficult process.  12 Grove Productions is here to help. Casting the right individuals for your production is contingent on countless factors.  With thousands of individuals vying for a number one spot, it can be hard to differentiate the clutter.  With our services, we help you cast the right individual the first time.  If you are seeking extras for commercials, print, TV, and features. we review the individuals and archetypes you’re looking to employ.

Location Scouting

This process is VITAL to the success of your video production.  It’s all about location.  This process includes finding the right location wherein the scriptwriter, producers and director can agree.  This is usually a prime location outside of the studio.  Our Location Scouts look for spectacular or interesting locations beforehand to prime a spot for video production.  These locations have an overall aesthetic of high-caliber as well as feasible flexibility when it comes to lighting and setup.


To get the ball rolling, we perform a grueling series of Pre-Production tactics to expedite the filming process in the long run.  The Pre-Production of video begins with the above steps to ensure every option is prepared for large scale launch.  Tons of planning occurs prior to filming a TV commercial, corporate video, or film production.  We work diligently to fit within the budget you or the business owner requests and  we meet to discuss project goals, hopes, and desires to be sure that we are all working together.  Welcome to 12 Grove Productions!

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