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Video Production

12 Grove Productions is a full service video production company with decades of experience with small and medium sized productions around the United States.  Our Team has the proper resources and a vast network of connections to realize our clients’ purpose and creative vision in the form of a professional video production.  When it comes to video production, many business owners have the misconception that it is expensive.  However, our productions come at a very reasonable price and unparalleled HD quality.  We produce our photo shoots for a plethora of business types including corporate, commercial, creative and entertainment.  Our specialties include video production, audio production, Studio/On Location Shoot and Camera Gear.  Check out Our Work.

Audio Production

Audio production is CRUCIAL to a complete video production.  At 12 Grove Productions we have state of the art equipment to record, mix and edit your audio to perfection.  12 Grove Productions provides skilled engineers and friendly staff to complete a full range of post-production audio services for Film, Television, and Web Content.  In addition to web content, we also specialize in Pre and Post Production for Television/Radio Commercials, Promos and Narrations.  From the shortest voiceover recording the most AMAZING feature film known, we can help.  We have the best engineers Fort Lauderdale has to offer and we’re ready to mix and edit your recording until it sounds perfect to your ears.

Studio / On Location Shoot

Exterior shooting of buildings, offices, on location , there’s basically NO PLACE 12 Grove Productions can film an exclusive video for your business.  We specialize in on location shoots that utilize our state-of-the-art equipment to make tangible, beautiful HD video productions that pop on-screen.  From the subtle location of a private building location, textured reality, to glorious cinematic intensity, PLUS every footstep in between; we love to shoot around a location, and create the cinematic worlds we all know and love.

Camera Gear

12 Grove Productions has some of the most amazing production camera gear  in South Florida.  We have invested hundreds of thousands into a stellar lineup of HD capturing equipment that includes the best brands and quality in the Northern Hemisphere.  Looking to capture an overhead shot of the city?  We have drones equipped to handle those shots.  Do you require a jib for a swivel for a gorgeous panning shot?  We have the equipment required to capture flawless visuals that will make your clients fall in love with your marketing.  Canon, Sony and more top brands are just a few of the ones utilized in our video productions.

Our Work

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