Our Team

The 12 Grove Production Team is made up of a select group of Production, Advertising and Marketing Professionals who all share one thing in common…a passion for the success of your business. It goes without saying that we work tirelessly in the pursuit of Video and Audio ideas that are unique and most importantly…effective. It also should be noted that while we take pride in our work ethic and the results we provide for our clients, we also take pride in our ability to laugh, crack jokes and have as much fun as possible while we work! We truly love what we do and believe it shows in the quality of our work. We hope you enjoy taking a moment to get to know us!

Executive Team

Chris Herman - President & CEO

Todd Clarke - Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Tami Weaver - Chief Financial Officer

Ronald Storrs - Sr. Vice President

Gerard Tollefsen - Vice President, Digital

Steve A. Gall - Executive Vice President

Brad Granda - EVP, Account Services

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