DIY-V Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should.

Your video is the window to your business. Shoddy videos could be viewed as shoddy business, which could heed lousy results.

Most times people don’t use video because they don’t Know much about it. Keep in mind that our smart phones have the ability to shoot video, however they weren’t meant for that. If you don’t have the latest and greatest smart phone you can still get a great video made and stay within your budget.

Photographers/Videographers can be expensive because you are paying for two things 1.) Experience and 2.) Equipment. The longer a photographer has been in the business they have earned the light to request a higher pay.

A photographer who has been in the business for 20+ years has developed skills, knowledge, and creativity. Along with that comes higher price. Many times you can find a weekend camera person to do the job or shoot for %day rates. Ask if they have references and take time to double check them. Once you have the photographer, then consider who will edit the footage.

Editing is very complex and long process. For every :30 seconds of video edited this can be approximately 40 hours worth of editing. While this is a complex process, you can give iMovie or Windows Movie Magic a try. That is if you want to do it yourself. Depending on the production if it isn’t too long of a video it may be left raw (no editing) and posted. APP5 like Vine and Instagram are popular for this type of production.

Another way to dive into DIY Video is by offering advice. Use the Vine app, which allows you to record 6 seconds of video. This type of video is perfect for quick blurbs on how to. The advice will be appreciated and memorable. The Gap uses this type of DIY-V to tease their market with new products. Other than using your cell phone to create small spots, Let’s go over What makes a decent video for your business.

Good video production will have camera work that is steady, in focus (unless there is a purpose for blurred images) and won’t cut off someone’s nose. The lighting should also be considered a vital part of a solid finished piece of work. Dark or over exposed film will make the viewer think that an amateur shot it. The good news is While you’re making your video, there is video on making videos and even the least experienced person can make their film look good if you follow the tutorials found on You Tube and Vimeo. Good video also possesses clear audio sound that is not distracting. If you’re going to do your own voice over work it’s a good idea to script out a message for your viewers and rehearse. If you’re nervous, rehearsal will eliminate some of the fear. However, if you are nervous it might be a good Idea to hire a professional actor to represent your business. Remember there is a fee to have a professional spokesperson involved. Otten times these rates can be negotiated.

Now that we turned you into an Audio Visual geek, let’s talk about creativity and writing a script. Video has the ability to be somewhat manipulative. You can control what the viewer sees and hears. You can also be in charge of the message that they receive. Depending on the content you can get them to become emotionally attached to you, your product and your message. If writing is not your forte’ you may want to consider hiring a scriptwriter or public relations marketing person. The script is the most crucial element without it there is no video. Story board or script out a d ear message. Have a purpose. If it’s an introductory video try taking shots that support What the script reflects. A strong message will be supported by strong images. Avoid the “BobbleHead” theory by mixing up your speaking parts with other images. Simple footage of small actions can make for great viewing. Don’t forget to add elements that can help to brand you. Try to establish some consistency when shooting multiple videos.

Now that we’ve covered what a good video is all about. Let’s cover when these Do it yourselfers are affective. Here is a list of the types of DIY videos that you can easily do that will get your business noticed even if you didn’t hire a huge production company.

  • Product Reviews
  • Offer Advice
  • In shop Promotions

Product reviews are great Do-it-Yourself videos that can be done with a cell phone and posted up on You Tube in minutes. Be sure to Know What you will talk about ahead of time.

Video production wasn’t meant to be done with a cell phone. The quality of the camera and more importantly the sound = the quality of the production. If you are moving around and relying on the recorded sound of the mobile phone you will get a video that will lose the attention of the viewer or more possibly lose the business of the viewer.

Before creating that video consider what will happen once that video is posted on the eternal search engines.

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