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Taking Risk in Business Venture or Hazard?

Several of the greatest people in the world jumped without knowing what the result would be. Everyone and anyone with a significant accomplishment was a risk taker. Everyone from the Wright brothers to President Obama himself took at least one risk. Each person had results in some form of success. No matter what the background is; if you don’t take risks you can’t move ahead. So what is it that makes us so insecure to take those risks? If you look up the definition “RISK” in the dictionary; all the signs point to DON’T DO IT! Hazard , Loss, Danger, Threat, etc., These words maybe what’s causing you to be so guarded. However, if you keep doing what you’re doing, and expect to get different results (I believe that is the definition of insanity) you and your company cannot grow. So what can you do to lesson the blow when diving off the board blindfolded? Keep confident and know that your exposure could lead to greatness. It’s an adventure with the destination kept unknown. However, you can do some strategic judgment and plan for the result to go one .. way or the other. Either way planning for the consequences can really help eliminate some of the fears of periJ. Remember in every endeavor transformation and change is necessary because it equals growth. Where do you see risk fitting into your own career? We’d love to hear from you and find out how you deal with it. Let us know what happened and what the results were the last time you took a risk.

The Who, What, Where, When, How and Why Video Communication is more effective than you think.

First let’s talk about who is using video these days. Answer – EVERYONE! There is a reason Why and it’s not just the obvious. It’s everywhere and not just on the front page of your website or surfing You Tube. Executives have been using this tool in large corporations for years. The digital revolution’s caused…Continue Reading

DIY-V Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should.

Your video is the window to your business. Shoddy videos could be viewed as shoddy business, which could heed lousy results. Most times people don’t use video because they don’t Know much about it. Keep in mind that our smart phones have the ability to shoot video, however they weren’t meant for that. If you…Continue Reading

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